SEG Belt Scales

An experience of over 17000 installations makes SEG Sweden one of the leading belt scale manufacturers in the world. SEG scales in India have proven themselves in most challenging environment like underground mines and trans-shippers. We are sure that once you use SEG, you will not go back to ordinary scales.


10 Reasons why you must buy these products:

Highest Accuracy

SEG systems with the correct number of modules and appropriate conditions can provide an accuracy of up to 0.25%. This is the best accuracy that can be offered by any belt weighing system in the world. It is approved by OIML in all three classes. (Class 0.5,1 and 2).

Trouble free operations

The systems have minimum moving parts and hence therefore is cheaper to maintain and operate.

Modular Design for easy upgradation

You can start with one module today and keep on adding more modules as your need for accuracy increases.

Flexible System

The SEG system can easily be installed from one belt to another. A standard module takes care of a range of belt width from 400mm to 2500mm.

Fast to caliberate and easy to use

The system comes with an auto calibration. This makes the system calibration extremely fast. The system is also very easy to use.

Unique display box makes reporting easy

Two parameters can be simultaneously displayed. (e.g. Total Wt. and Speed) this makes analysis of data shift wise and hour wise easy.

Unique Design

SEG systems have unique parallelogram design which eliminates the effects of side forces when weighing the material on the belt. SEG has many patents on its name.

Excellent Repeatability

The results from the SEG systems are consistent. This way you are assured that the system will not give drastically different results each time you weigh.

Excellent Service Support

Service support for the system is provided by the dedicated arm of the company – Weighload Service. You are assured of excellent service support all the time.

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