On Board Weighing Solutions

Less overload penalties, reduced loading times, increased loading cycles and increased profits. These are just some of the benefits of using our world class on-board weighing systems for your equipment. Printing receipts, data transfer on USB drives and memory cards help you to maintain critical data about your operations.


10 Reasons why you must buy these products:


Our scales help you save lakhs of rupees every month. You save time (weighbridge/correction etc.), operations and maintenance cost and also save on penalties (railway).

Accurate & Easy to Use

Our scales are highly accurate and as easy to use as a mobile phone. The accuracy is +/- 0.5% to +/- 1% of the capacity. This ensures that you do not lose money due to weighing errors.

Weights and Measures Approved

Our scale models are the only wheel loader scales which are approved by Weights and Measures Department (India). This makes the scales reading valid for all commercial purposes and stamping. As good as a weighbridge.

Local Support

We have presence in major mining territories via branches or agents. This ensures that you have someone to help you locally.

Short Payback Period

The amount of money you will save with this device, the payback period could be less than even a year.

Improves Efficiency

The scale helps increasing the loading cycles due to dynamic weighing and time saved due to accurate loading the first time.

Suited for Indian Conditions

The scales are low on maintenance and suited for Indian conditions. We have over 180 scales operational in India with satisfied customers.

MIS and Data Transfer

The scale stores huge amount of loading data for you to print or review. You can generate a variety of reports for business analysis and transfer the data to your computer.

Fully Dynamic

Our scales are meant for fully dynamic weighing. This means that the operator does not have to wait to get a reading. The weighing is accurate even when the loader is moving or material is being lifted. Accurate weighing even on inclined/uneven surfaces.

Range of Models to suit your need and Great Service

We make sure you get the best service. Our dedicated service arm of the company takes care of installation, maintenance and AMCs.

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