About Us

Weighload Technologies was established in Mumbai, India in the year 1994.It is a part of Excel Group, a group which is indulged in servicing the needs of the mining and construction industries since 1992.

Weighload is the first company in India to provide "On-Board Digital Weighing Solutions" and thus also the first to introduce the "Weigh as you move" concept. It is the leading supplier of Digital Dynamic and On Board Weighing Systems. The service and the product range is completed by Data Transfer, Tracking, Navigation and RFID systems with complete focus on "Weigh as you move" concept.

Weighload Technologies has introduced this concept in india. This concept is widely used in European countries and has proved to be a time saver and also a cost reducing element in its many application.

Most common problems like underloading or overloading are completely elimineted by using "On board weighing system". in this the weighing unit is directly mounted on the equipments and thus gives us the real time value of the material being loaded. If there is any overloading we can know it at the time of loading.The time and fuel consumed in going to the weighbridge and coming back is completely eliminated. The machinery can be in opertaion when the weighing of the contents is done and hence called "Weigh as you move" concept.

All over the world the Ministry of Mining insists that such On board scales to be installed on all machinaries.

Weighload Services

We at Weighload, understand the value of customer services. All the products of Weighload are backed up by an efficient Customer Service from a seperats arm of the company called Weighload Services. Weighload Services with its team of qualified and well trained engineers undertakes Annual Maintenance Contracts for all the products of Weighload.

Since its inception, Weighload has been successful in its mission to help its customers "save per load" and will to do so in the future.